For more than five years I’ve been puzzling over what site may have been intended by folio 86v’s  pairidaeza motif (as I call it).

Surprisingly often mistaken for a ‘T-O’ map, it has nothing in common with them except a tripartite division. In this case, the pairidaeza has no encompassing Ocean and is clearly connected with the world beyond by roads and rivers.

f.86v Paraid

Considering where it occurs in relation to Trebizond (not on the map below), I think the site could be Mtskheta – see below – a very ancient site of habitation. as you see, it is, Mtskheta is divided by its river into three.

[Additional note – April 21st., 2015 – Tblisi is another equally feasible site].

map Black Sea Mtskheta

Mtskheta Georgia Paradaiza f86v

I came to learn about the city in a curious way.

Having convinced myself at least that I could predict the sound of two glyphs, and found them together (top of f.39v)

folio 39v top blogand since i read the ‘a’ as an a, that gave me a start as Ts.b.a.i.r,

Two possibilities occurred. ‘Jubay(r)’ or ‘Sabai(n?)

trying to work out the last, I noticed a word that had only three letters, two being the ‘8’and ‘a’…

If that were b.a.r (son of ?)

it made the first word more likely to be Jubayr.  And so I wondered if the next word mightn’t be ‘said’ or ‘went’.

So I typed each of those possibility into Google translate (don’t laugh) .. and it led to Georgia.

Since I’m interested still in Panofsky’s opinion, I looked to see if there were any particular historical connection between the Georgian ‘Iberia’ and the Spanish.

Maybe yes, maybe no. More work to do.  Anyone know the etymology of Mtskheta?

About the language – usual cum grano.  About Mtskheta as the manuscript’s pairidaeza, I’m serious.


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