re folios 103r-116r

Mardin is a city that I’ll be mentioning in the next post: Chronological strata revisited #2. 

In a manuscript attributed to the sixteenth century, recovered from the ‘region of Mardin’, there is an end-list that might be worth adding to any collection of possible comparisons for the Voynich manuscript’s next-to-last folios (103r-116r).   I am not suggesting any personal hypothesis here; it’s not a matter of anyone mistaking  MS Beinecke 408 for a work made in medieval Mardin;  the dimensions of the two manuscripts argue otherwise.

Mardin ‘region’ manuscript:   190 mm x 139.7 mm

MS Beinecke 408:                       225 x 160 mm

However, as one sort of end-list, it is likely to offer some sort of insight into the manuscript.  All the provenancing information etc. has been taken from an article by Isaac Hall, written in 1883:

Isaac H. Hall, ‘The Syriac Manuscript of the Union Theological Seminary of New York’,  Journal of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis, Vol. 3, No. 2 (Dec., 1883), pp. 142-152.



endpages 145endpages 146endpages 147endpages 148endpages 149endpages 150


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