Kircher Cistercian comparison

This is chiefly for recent arrivals. I feel sure that some among the old timers will already have compared these, and noticed that while each is somehow evocative of the Voynich script, neither is exactly the same.  If there has been some more recent discovery, I hope that the finder will be as generous as Berj Ensanian,* who sent the first illustration to the Voynich mailing list as soon as he found it in the Kircher correspondence.

* not Ensanien, as appeared in earlier posts here.

The second image is reproduced courtesy of David A. King, whose marvellous book The Ciphers of the Monks:~ A forgotten number notation of the Middle Ages (2001) has been on my dream wish list for a while.

He wrote a short article about one Cistercian cipher some years ago. I had a copy of it until recently, and will try to get it again.

script Doclea Kircher Lyons

script sent from Lyons to Kircher with sketches of coins. Courtesy Berj Ensanian



Cistercian cipher – courtesy David A. King

Also – check ciphermysteries posts for comments on David King’s works, monks, ciphers etc.  I have searched ‘Cistercian’ and turned up three posts: one in 2010, one in 2012 and one in 2013.

(Try that on your favourite Voynich blogs and web-pages, too, if you like).




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