Seeking reviewer/s

I’d like any fairly long-term readers who would care to email a review of the blog to do so.  The aim is to get some feedback, and possibly dialogue going with people who are not already firmly attached to any personal theory, or any particular clique within Voynich studies.

The focus of the review should be the manuscript, and the evidence presented here.  Do say whether or not you feel the lack of full bibliographical details and footnotes is important, or not.  Some time ago, when I was providing full details of the works I had consulted, I was told that only online sources should be given, since many readers have no access to an academic library.

In the past five years, many more works have become available, and many of my original references have been taken up – as have many of my conclusions and proposals, so it’s less of a problem than it was in 2011.

The reviews will help me in deciding how to format the final draft of my book-in-progress, and whether to plan it for specialists or not.


email to voynichimagery-*AT-gmail


Thanks to you all.


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