And to be serious for a moment –


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One thought on “And to be serious for a moment –

  1. Ah, Diane, it breaks my heart to read of the terrifying mishandling of the aftereffects of the nuclear bomb tests in the Pacific Islands. “Bikini Atoll” comes to mind as one location. I seem to recall that the French were also involved.
    It is so long ago, when I visited Club Med Moorea, I’ve forgotten the actual dates. While visiting Moorea, I was the only passenger on the small bus which took me to the Club. He stopped the bus, midtrip, long enough for his son to collect a basketful of the colorful land
    snails (for their dinner that evening). Later in the week, I encountered one of the workers’ son fishing for the small octopus for their evening dinner.
    A couple of days later, I was a passenger on the ‘dive boat” (I couldn’t join the divers, because I was recovering from a surgical procedure). The native ‘skipper’ of the boat did a ‘free dive’ (some 60 feet deep) to bring up a small shell for me.
    I just recently picked up a book written by one of my favorite authors (James Michener) “Return to Paradise”.
    It appears that our various island ‘hangouts’ are being overwhelmed by corporate entitiies which are more interested in oil, diamonds, Cuban cigars ….etc., etc. ad nauseum.
    Even Key West, Florida appears to be sinking under the weight of more recent developments in Guantanamo Bay and Cuba. (Do you remember the “Cuban Crisis during President Kennedy’s term of office?)


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