Fishes and Pisces across the board

fishes illus 1[edit – changed a link, which some browsers cannot follow]

LADIES AND FISH ~ in MS Beinecke 408, fol.70r

details folio Pisc 70r scan 1006200

..  in MS Harley 334..

fish illustration 12



item: Armoured fish, crested.

folio 70r crested fish

fish illus 2

fish illus 9item: Armoured fish, sans crest.

fol 70r uncrested

fish illus 4

item: Paired fish – crested with uncrested

fish illus 5  … and others..

fish illustration 10

fish illus 8

Fishing for pisces in Nov Royal 2 B VII fol 73

fish illus 6

All these examples (except MS Beinecke 408)  from the British Library’s manuscript collection.

If you’d like to find more examples of fish in medieval European art –  search the “Medieval Bestiary” site by topic (here) and it will direct you to various European and American libraries. An ordinary online search for ‘fish in medieval art’ will doubtless turn up more.

and then, you might inspect manuscripts from Asia Minor and Islamic regions, fish represented in media other than manuscripts, and finally – if you’re really keen – fish before the middle ages.


I have no idea where this ‘Sturgeon’ plaque is, or when it was made. Any information welcome.


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