Book Arts and Sciences.

Sorry not to have mentioned this before.  For readers seriously interested in aspects of medieval book-making, the University of Syracuse is the place to go, whether you want to enroll or just access information online.

There’s a Multi-lingual Bookbinding/Conservation Dictionary Project –  a sort of wiki – run by Suzy Morgan and Peter D. Verheyen.

At present it contains 4,374 entries and can be accessed  here.

So for those who’ve struggled with terms for “kettle stitch” in conversation with a Swede, a Russian and an Italian, or for those just wanting to bullshit in conversation with the professionals, the Dictionary should help.

A good bibliography of web-based resources  here.

Their  ListServ mailing list has been going since 2009.  Conversations were never very long ones and lately all I’ve seen are notices about exhibitions, classes, lectures and courses.  Still they include not only America, but in Europe too, so some readers may find joining is worthwhile.



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