I don’t envy the Archaeology News network blog’s having … (eat your heart out O Voynicho) ..   10,570,824 readers since 2010 …

I do envy the people on leave or on Sabbatical who are heading to the Black Sea .

In case you haven’t heard this before, the waters of the   Black Sea have a very deep anaerobic layer – Very deep.

Things just don’t age or decay in that layer because no agent of decay can survive in it (no teredo, for a start).

So we’re finding artefacts.. delicate things like the cord of ships’ rigging have been preserved – no, perfectly preserved… just as when a thing went under,  whether fifty years ago or five hundred or more – if it isn’t soluble in water it should survive. *sigh*.

I’d so much rather be talking over the survival and transmission of Hellenistic imagery there – rather than here.

I’m trusting that you’ll understand.  Talking shop to air is ok, but real people .. with real people you get sody-pop. (that’s a bit of an in-joke.)

Below, one recent and apparently pertinent find from the Crimea. Courtesy of the A.N.b and TASS.

(wouldn’t mind seeing more of those figurines, either).


Postscript – initial enthusiasm has now yielded to more careful inspection of the piece, or more exactly of what we see in the photo.  A few puzzling features – proportion of eyes to face; form given the ears; ‘combing’ texture into the beard. .. I’ll be interested to see what people on the ground conclude.


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